About the Artist

Vanessa captures her vision of the world with a daring vitality. Her photojournalistic artistry invariably exposes the raw emotional and historic essence of the moment, drawing out both it's integral and peripheral beauty.

For over 10 years, Vanessa has been capturing momentous occasions with vivid clarity. From weddings to concerts, to candid behind-the-scenes rarities, her strong continuity of composition effectively preserves the story surrounding an important event.

Vanessa is also a working actor and model, and works hard to stay current in the trends of the entertainment industry. She knows all too well how important your headshots and portfolio are to get you into that casting room and will provide you with one that will catch the eyes of any casting director, agent, manager, etc. She takes the time to get to know you first and make you feel comfortable during your session to help bring out the true you and capture it on film. Her competitive rates makes it affordable for actors that are just getting started, and offers flexibility for those that are currently working. To view Vanessa's actor page, please visit www.VanessaV.com.

Unrelenting passion for the artistic premium in photojournalism, stock photography and professional portfolios for the up and coming model/actor has put Vanessa solidly on the leading edge of this creative industry.